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Established August 2022

The Khazimula Sandplay Project

Ukuthula Sandplay’s first dedicated group Sandplay facility arose from Sandplay research 
conducted at Khazimula Child and Youth Care Centre in 2021.

The positive effect of Silent Group Sandplay (SGSP) on the children and the childcare staff at the centre resulted in the request for the establishment of a permanent Sandplay room.

This request ignited a vision to make SGSP accessible in resource-constrained contexts.

A converted container room was offered, and from that, a dedicated group Sandplay room was developed.

Established Aug '22

Donations of sand trays, shelving and miniatures were received, and this enabled the first group Sandplay facility, of its kind in KwaZulu Natal.

The Khazimula Sandplay Room

Is dedicated exclusively to Sandplay and can accommodate 6 sandplayers at a time. Ukuthula Sandplay trains SGSP facilitators and assists community partners with the setting up of Sandplay rooms so that many more children and adults can benefit from SGSP.

The incredible healing potential of SGSP makes facilities such as the Khazimula project essential to assist and support the emotional and psychological healing of children and adults and thereby help mitigate the effects of perpetuated intergenerational trauma.