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Within, lies the potential for transformation and our hope for an improved sustainable future.

Ukuthula Sandplay was registered as an NPO in 2022 after Sandplay research conducted in rural KwaZulu Natal revealed the incredible healing potential for both children and adults.

As something that couldn’t be ignored, a vision was ignited to make Silent Group Sandplay (SGSP) accessible in South Africa, by setting up dedicated rooms, training and supervising facilitators, and establishing suitable partnerships, to ensure the future sustainability of SGSP facilities within communities.

Sandplay, as a non-verbal, non-invasive expressive, creative activity is effective for internal processing, and activating and supporting emotional and psychological healing.  

Ukuthula Sandplay provides SGSP to children and adults and thereby assists and supports in the processing of pain and confusion which in turn helps with development and growth despite the emotional wounds.

Sandplay facilitates a sense of calmness, and increased awareness, activates a desire to play, and cooperativeness and supports integration and a sense of belonging.

Non-invasive and non-verbal form of therapy. It transcends language and cultural barriers.

As a method of therapy, Sandplay has tremendous potential considering the diversity of people in South Africa and given the deeply embedded trauma experienced by many. There is a window of opportunity to assist and help mitigate the effects of perpetuated intergenerational trauma especially whilst children are attending school or in protective care.

Amidst a challenging and sometimes chaotic external world, Ukuthula Sandplay provides the opportunity for quiet internal processing to occur within a safe and protected space.