Ukuthula Sandplay

Sandplay is a non-verbal, non-invasive expressive, creative activity which is effective for internal processing and activating and supporting emotional and psychological healing.

The Sandplay Concept

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In South Africa children are placed in protected care for a limited period, normally two years. This is a short time in which to not only provide shelter and nurturance but also emotional and psychological support.

In addition to basic needs, the emotional and psychological wounds must receive attention so that the children can heal and strengthen before returning to their home communities. There is tremendous time pressure to assist and develop children so that they are equipped to re-enter the world.

Sand (Earth)


Figures, objects (symbols)

Sand Trays

    • A Sandplay session provides the opportunity for sandplayers to express themselves in a sand tray in a manner that is not directed, interpreted or judged


    • The participant is free to work in the sand in any way they prefer and may choose from a wide range of miniatures to use (or not use) in the sand tray


    • Ultimately creating an image


    • This image is an expression, often, from the unconscious


    • There is no outside input in the sand tray work, it is a deeply personal process

Cases studies From Struggles to Success
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Diamond's Sandplay Story

Rescued from a child-marriage scenario. Placed in care at age 14 as the only Xhosa speaking resident.
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Circle's Sandplay Story

Behavioural type issues including bulllying, crying, fighting and poor performance at school.
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