Circle’s Sandplay Story

•Circle was the most uncontained member of the group

•The staff were sceptical about her “wherewithal” for the Sandplay research

•Before the Sandplay began the descriptions of her behaviour included: Bullying, Fighting, Crying, very Poor performance at school & Demanding to be noticed

•During the six weeks of Sandplay Circle could not get enough miniatures (initially grabbing as many as she could and dropping them on the floor)

•In each sand session she became noticeably calmer & focused

•Circle’s unique creativity was reflected by the way she used unlikely items in her sand creations

•Circle often stayed until the last minute of every session – in the final session it seemed that she didn’t want to leave & the facilitator was content to let her continue for longer

•Currently Circle attends a mainstream high school, shows empathy & maturity & is described as being a notable success story – when a staff member was chatting with her a few months ago about how she was, she said: “I am no longer who I was before, I am changed, I am a different person and, I have plans for the future.”